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Our Story

Cierra-Marie has been in love with self care since the age of 14. She would make her own homemade face mask, and products to help with her troubled skin. After noticing how good her products had become, her friends purchased them to show their support. This resulted in her creating Sugasweet in July of 2019. 


Sugasweet came to mind because Cierra-Marie loves candy and sweets. She wanted to compare that love to her skin and self care routine. Sugasweet’s goal is to add a glow to your skin and simplify your self care routine. Each product of SugaSweet is handmade crafted with simplicity in mind to focus on certain skin types. We are here to provide your every skin care need and want to see your self care journey! 


Follow Sugasweet and show some love! Check out our social media and live feedback for more questions and experiences. All Sugasweet products are naturally, handmade skin care products! 


Simply. Soft. Sugasweet

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